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Recovery Survival Network offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Introduction Computer. (Computer training is unavailable until further notice).

  • Job Readiness Program.

  • Job Placement.

  • Job Retention Program.

  • Individual peer-to-peer, group & family support.

  • Intensive case management.

  • Certificates of completion.

  • Aftercare support group services.

  • Earn while you learn program. (When available).

  • Some assistance with legal matters.

  • Surety bonding when possible.

  • Resume preparation and updates.

  • G.E.D. equivalency assistance.

  • Housing referrals.

  • 1-year retention program.



Choose any topic that interests you.
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Survival Guide Table of Contents

  1. My Name is Lou
  2. Am I An Addict?
  3. Recovery Survival Questionnaire
  4. The Use Excuse
  5. Taking Control of Your Life
  6. Live in Program Life
  7. Clean Connections
  8. Living With An Addict \
  9. Learning to Live with the New You
  10. It Takes One To Know One
  11. Recovery Survival Tool Kit
  12. Emergency Support Numbers

1. My Name is Lou

My name is Lou and I am a Recovering Addict. Believe me, recognizing your problem is only the start of a life long struggle for living a clean and sober lifestyle.

If only we knew how destructive and powerful drugs and alcohol were to the average person just looking for a little fun, I seriously doubt that any one of us would have taken that first drink or hit.

In the early stages of drug and alcohol use.....

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2. Am I An Addict?

The hardest question you could ever ask yourself is "AM I AN ADDICT?". No one finds the answer to that questions very easily. We usually don't have an answer because we are out of touch with reality and in "The Zone" so often that there is hardly time to ask questions of ourselves that might just require answers.

Coming to grips with addiction takes a long time to realize in most cases. Most of us have addictive personalities. In a few words, we have compulsive behavior problems. One of the main reasons we drink or use drugs is to release the tensions associated with who we are.

Pressure, depression, stress, emotions, pain, and fatigue are the six major....

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3. Recovery Survival Questionnaire

Under the influence, do any of the following conditions exists:

DO YOU (Yes/No)

1. Drink or use Daily? Weekly? Often?

2. Use Bill or Food money to keep up your habit?

3. Sell or Deal to support your Habit?

4. Steal......

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4. The Use Excuse

Most of us with drug, alcohol, or behavioral problems either close our eyes or fail to recognize the seriousness of our addiction. In many cases, the problem isn't realized until it's too late.

People with these types of problems often are not only abusive to themselves, but to their loved ones as well. Because of a few very high profile court trials in California, the problem of "Domestic Violence" has moved into the spotlight. For many years, drug and alcohol abuse has lead to spousal battery and in some cases, death. It's not only the female who is battered in these types of instances. Many times it is the male who is actually the victim; addiction has no gender preferences.

In most of the recorded domestic violence calls.......

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5. Taking Control of Your Life

Having the courage and determination to try and change your lifestyle and live in sobriety isn't an easy task to accomplish. Being aware of the ups and downs associated with normal everyday life is not enough. Learning to deal with problems without using is a step in the right direction.

There are many pitfalls that all addicts must be on-guard for if they really want to remain substance free. There is no foolproof plan for staying clean. Each individual has to be willing to change their environment, friends, or whatever is needed in order to succeed in their recovery.

The conditions that cause most if us to fall are.....

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6. Live in Program Life

Finding a residential recovery treatment program is a very difficult task to say the least. It took me a few attempts to finally admit that I couldn't get completely clean and maintain my sobriety for any substantial length of time on my own.

It takes what it takes in order for us addicts to reach our bottom, whatever that is. Each of us have different bottoms. All that matters at this point is that we are at least somewhat willing to give residential treatment a try. In most cases we usually have to be forced into treatment either due to bad health, or by the direction of a judge, and court order.

In my case I was arrested and the judge allowed me to enter into a long term residential program rather than going to prison. In all honesty most judges prefer sentencing......

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7. Clean Connections

Finding a group or program support system is usually a very tricky process. For the most part, we find it hard to share our deepest inner most feelings with anyone. Especially once we have come to terms with, or admitted that, we are addicts.

There are many different factors that contribute to our addictions. We can't handle most of them, so we attempt to escape by using or getting drunk. Either way, the purpose of using is no longer effective or a pleasurable experience. Once the body has built-up tolerance to our drug of choice, it then begins to fight the presence of the substance. It attacks our respiratory system and mind simultaneously; that kind of feeling overwhelms us, so paranoia, and other mental disorders begin to take place on a regular basis. Now, addiction becomes a nightmare, instead of a trip.

The only connections we were interested in for as long as we used or needed to get high were those that could.....

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8. Living With An Addict

This chapter is very important to all who suffer from the disease of drug or alcohol addiction. If you suspect or know that a loved-one or member of your family is drinking too much or using drugs, then reading this section is a MUST. Learning to cope with this type of problem is one of the most difficult tasks you can ever hope to achieve. The first person who needs to understand the problem is we who suffer from substance abuse, or alcohol addiction, then our loved ones who will undoubtedly suffer daily as the result of our actions.

We have problems accepting our addiction, so it's very difficult to explain to a family member, spouse, or our children that we are suffering from our involvement with substance or alcohol problems.

It doesn't make a difference what we abuse, whether it be hard drugs, too much pot, alcohol, or..........

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9. Learning to Live With the New You

In most cases, after long periods of residential drug program therapy, or clean and sober 12 step programs, you begin to find a little clarity, at least enough to begin looking for some answers to questions that helped us find our bottom.

No addict I have ever come in contact with realized that their problems were as serious as it almost always was. Most of us suffer from some sort of emotional disorder which seems to work overtime on our ability to make sound or rational decisions.

Coming to terms with addiction is no small task in any one's language. In most cases, addiction is in charge of.....

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10. It Takes One to Know One

As kids, most of us used to say little things to one another, like "I know you are, but what I am I?", in an attempt to show off. Or, what about "Liar, liar pants on fire"? We learn at an early age to thrive off of others pain and misery. I know I suffered many times from the mean things kids would say to me and likewise I'm sure I've caused others pain in the same ways. For example, if a white kid calls a black kid a nigger, it's going to have a negative effect on him. Or if a black kid calls a white kid a honkie or any other slang word meant to hurt them, you're on the road toward negative living. Well, as the years progress, most if us have learned not to tease others because it causes them pain, or it make them angry.

Some of us are so full of resentment and anger we don't know how to let go. We continually look for an escape. We usually look for help in all the wrong places, these types of pressures give our weakness the opportunity to manifest and let addicitve behavior in, without knowing what the consequences are.

It has been my experience to act out, to show my displeasure with.........

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11. Recovery Survival Tool Kit

1) Surround yourself with positive thinking people who are serious about staying clean, and living life in a responsible manner, without using.

2) Don't hangout where you used to use. Change old habits for new ones, starting with not frequenting old hang-outs.

3) Find clean and sober meetings either 12 step or other type gatherings where other people in recovery meet regularly, avoid isolating, and make new friends.

4) Get as many phone numbers as you feel comfortable with from some of the people you'll meet at the meetings who have similar interests to yours.

5) When you feel the urge to use.....

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12. Emergency Support Numbers

24 Hour Hotline

  • 1-888-USE-NONE (1-888-873-6663)

  • (415) 552-1111

National Drug Information Treatment and Referral Hotline

  • 1-800-662 HELP

  • Spanish Speaking (1-800-66AYUDA)
  • (Monday-Friday 6:00am - Midnight and Saturday-Sunday 9:00am - Midnight)

Personalized Program Referrals//24 hours Daily for Emergency Help//Seminars and Workshops Available

  • Available to Schools, Programs, Corporations

  • 1-888-USE-NONE (S.F. Bay Area Only)

  • 1-415-552-1111 (Outside of the S.F. Bay Area)

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