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Recovery Survival Network offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Auto Body & Paint Certificate Program

  • ETPL Link.

  • Introduction Computer. (Computer training is unavailable until further notice).

  • Job Readiness Program.

  • Job Placement.

  • Job Retention Program.

  • Individual peer-to-peer, group & family support.

  • Intensive case management.

  • Certificates of completion.

  • Aftercare support group services.

  • Earn while you learn program. (When available).

  • Some assistance with legal matters.

  • Surety bonding when possible.

  • Resume preparation and updates.

  • G.E.D. equivalency assistance.

  • Housing referrals.

  • 1-year retention program.




Program provides Pre &Post Release Services to Inmates reentering the community from the criminal justice system.

The N-O-W Program is designed to help offenders with substance abuse problems get support from peers that have demonstrated long term sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.


This peer program has been providing the 24/7 Hotline as an information service and referral tool for crisis interventions, since 1999, the toll free number is 1-888-USE-NONE (1-888-873-6663), our number is 415-552-1111. RSN is located at 16th & Mission Sts. In the heart of S.F.’s Mission District, close to all 24-hour public transportation. We also offer referrals to other social service providers for services we can’t provide or when the peer program is at capacity. N-O-W will help ex-offenders find employment as peer counselors through our Survival Skills On-The-Job Training program (OJT), which will give participants a current work history and a job reference when they have completed the OJT program. The N-O-W Program will transition many offenders into self sufficiency which has been a major contributor to recidivates problems. Our program has been serving clients referred from the Welfare-to-Work - PAES program, which was funded by PIC-SF. The services provided included; job training, job readiness, job placement, Dress for Success clothing program and job retention services. We have been delivering similar services to the City and County of San Francisco as a vendor since 1999. We are registered with Human Rights Commission and believe supporting constructive programs will reduce the overall burden on the criminal justice system. 


Below is a summary of the services provided to past participants and a summary of the services provided and the outcomes. We delivered the services at different times over the past 9 years and have had good results with this population.

 RSN Outcomes Summary Report 1999-2006:

Funding Source



1999 RSN

Computer Training



Computer Training



Hardest to Serve


PIC-SF 315H922M8-NCP

Case Management


PIC-SF 315H922G8-NCP

Reentry Non Custodial Parents


ILSP - IR Contract PIC-SF

Former Foster Care Youth


DHS Contract

CHRP/Clothing/Shoes/Dress for Success



Clothing program


24/7 Hotline

Crisis Intervention / Information Service



Meals/snacks lunches







13% Transitioned to self sufficiency and still contact RSN with progress updates


37% No contact (NC)




23% Relapsed more than once




27% Practice the Harm Reduction model and still use Marijuana or drink alcohol


2 Were registered Sex Offenders neither of them committed another crime and both are working

45% of our clients are ex-offenders and 20% of them have not committed violations and exited the system

70% Have substance Abuse / Mental Health Issues



30% Were homeless at one time or another



99% Were on welfare




13% Exited the system and kept contact for 180 day or more.



5% Still come to the office to say hello and tell us what's going on in their worlds.


100% of our clients had food and refreshment every day they attended training or groups






Like any program the participant has to recognize and admit they have a problem and they have to want to change their old addicted bad habits for new habits and a change in lifestyle; free from drugs and alcohol. Law enforcement professionals and corrections officers participating as instructors and group leaders are vital to the success of this program.

Working with offenders and understanding the problems and getting offenders to take responsibility for the problems that their actions created for the community to deal with on a daily basis, and on the other hand, understanding the pressure an addict has to deal with, are 2 barriers to a successful reentry that needs to be overcome. Before the addict had a drug or alcohol problem they had issues that they didn’t have the tools to deal with. In order to deal with the drug & alcohol problems in today’s society we have to change some old policy thinking and create new policies that will effectively deal with the social effect addiction plays in the addict’s life. It is mandatory that we do all we can to make our communities safer across the nation. Violent crimes have been on the rise over the past few years as evidenced in the daily news around the country.

Addicts that have demonstrated long-term sobriety will conduct these focus groups and workshops as Peer leaders.  This program will provide the tools and emotional support system delivered by ex-offenders and recovering addicts, that are needed to assist in helping other offenders and addicts resist the urge to commit new crimes or violate the terms and conditions of their probation or diversion programs. The compulsion and urge to use is very powerful but with a positive support system that is designed to be there when a panic or crisis situation occurs will greatly reduce the potential to relapse or commit a new crime.  Ex-offenders and recovering addicts delivering the services and emotional support can help and individual with chronic substance abuse problems recognize his or her past problems that are associated with criminal behavior and substance abuse. The contribution of support peer leaders has a positive effect and we believe it will take peer-to-peer support services that are delivered from Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) that have demonstrated the will to stay substance free.

N-O-W will utilize the 12 step program model and develop theme groups that will address the issues associated with addiction. There will be no services delivered by licensed professionals, but a professional who has substance abuse problems they can participate as a peer or peer leader but not as a professional. The need for peer delivery systems is simply to encourage other addicts to join in and become part of the recovery network and help others who suffer from the power drugs and alcohol hold over people with the disease of substance abuse.

We need volunteers, interns and financial contributions to make these services available to people who need help around the Bay Area. The N-O-W Program design is to support Peer-to-Peer recovery services.


Recovery Survival Network
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