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  Recovery Survival Network has been Chosen to Participate in National Product Donation Program Provided by The Home Depot Foundation and Managed by Gifts In Kind International

Recovery Survival Network offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Auto Body & Paint Certificate Program

  • ETPL Link.

  • Introduction Computer. (Computer training is unavailable until further notice).

  • Job Readiness Program.

  • Job Placement.

  • Job Retention Program.

  • Individual peer-to-peer, group & family support.

  • Intensive case management.

  • Certificates of completion.

  • Aftercare support group services.

  • Earn while you learn program. (When available).

  • Some assistance with legal matters.

  • Surety bonding when possible.

  • Resume preparation and updates.

  • G.E.D. equivalency assistance.

  • Housing referrals.

  • 1-year retention program.


Recovery Survival Network Joins
Gifts In Kind International

RSN turned to Gifts In Kind in 1998 for support in carrying out its mission of helping ex-offenders reenter the community, the homeless, veterans, adults, youth, single parent households, families and people re-entering society from residential treatment for substance abuse. RSN is providing peer-to-peer counseling services, job readiness training, outpatient/aftercare treatment and counseling under one roof. This linkage with Gifts In Kind will provide some of the nations leading products to people who are in desperate need of help. While funding remains limited, this country and it's people depend heavily on the charitable sector. "Now through Gifts In Kind, hopefully some of the operating costs associated with the business of helping the needy will be a little more reasonable and manageable," reports Barbara Florence, Director, Quality Assurance at Gifts In Kind International.
Lou Gordon Executive Director at RSN is thrilled over the retail partnership programs offered and this wonderful opportunity to participate with the best companies this great country has to offer. Through this partnership program RSN has been able to help ex-offenders who have paid their debt to society reenter the community and become responsible members of the community, while continuing it's mission to help single parents with good clothing for their entry into the work force with our "Dress For Success" program. RSN has provided quality home furnishings for our Client Home Resources Program (CHRP) participants and products will be available to all our graduates and clients from sub contractor programs we have formal agreements with. This under-served community will be better equipped to compete in the job marketplace.

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A “Hand-Up” Not A “Hand-Out”.

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